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In the Moment

I haven't written much about my animal companions who are so important in my life. They offer sustaining love and companionship. I literally don't think I could live without them.

Yesterday I was having a rough day. I went on a hike with my three precious pups and took out some of my grumpiness on them. They dodged my meanness, cowered at my yelling, and then, in a split second with tongue lolling and eyes bright, took in the beauty all around us. And after I took a deep breath, and realized the loveliness of the day, they walked confidently up to me and put their heads next to mine.

I have lots of wonderful human friends. But I can honestly say I don't know any of them who could deal with my bad days so objectively; giving me feedback immediately on my bad behavior, then immediately forgiving, forgetting and showing affection the next moment.

My pups are so in the moment that they are capable of this amazingly kind behavior. Their lack of worry about the past and the future allows them to fully experience whatever is happening now. I find it wonderful encouragement from them to immediately realize my bad behavior and change it, without dwelling on it. And know that I can get rewarded with a happy canine face.

Here's to living each day in the moment, and perhaps granting some of that gift to others with our forgiving and forgetting.


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