Leaping for Joy

"For to miss the joy is to miss all." Robert Louis Stevenson Happy Leap Year Day! An extra day is something everyone can use, even if it is a cold, blustery, cloudy day. I titled this painting "Winter Blues", but only because of the lovely blue color. I don't get the winter blues, other than to feel slightly sad when the snow begins to melt and leave. I love the clean, white snow. I appreciate the soft, if cold, landing it provides if I stumble or purposely fall into it. I love how it reflects the blue sky and the colorful sunsets and the gray/blue shadows that are cast on it. So this leap day I am appreciating whatever it brings, since it brings a little when each passing year seems to

The Beauty in Asking Questions

"Without a good question, a good answer has no place to go." - Clayton Christensen, Harvard Professor This piece, which remains untitled, came about because of a question. What would happen if I used a credit card, rather than a brush, on a special kind of watercolor paper called Yupo? I had just taken an online class, which emphasized that as artists we are always solving problems. In order to be good at solving problems, I believe you have to be good at asking a lot of questions. Especially in artistic endeavors, I find myself asking a lot of "What if...?" questions. What if I use a different brush? What if I combine these two colors? What if I add a third color? How do I show the s

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