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Inspiring curiosity, presence and connection.

I paint with watercolor to share my love and appreciation for the unique character and beauty of our animal companions, our landscape, and the wild creatures in it.

I am grounded by the authenticity of nature; nature can be nothing but real and true.  I believe the connections we make with our natural world keep us healthy by encouraging us to be present in mind and body.

I live in a remote area in Montana, where I immerse myself in the natural world by hiking daily in the hills with my dogs, and riding in the mountains on my horses.  I appreciate the vivid colors of the sky, the sagebrush, the moss, the lichens, and the wildflowers when they are saturated with water after a rain or snowstorm.

I live in the high desert where water is critical.  I am fascinated with how water can take so many forms: still and quiet in a pond; rushing with frothiness through a stream; freezing into glassiness; falling as soft, dry, silent snow, as hard pelting snow, or as heavy, wet, squeaky snow.

This changeable element of nature inspires me to choose watercolor as my medium.  When I paint I like how the pigments mix with water on paper, often creating happy surprises, just as water does in swirling around a rock in a stream, forming a perfect drop on a flower petal or drifting as snow into icy sculptures after strong winds. 

My dogs, horses, cats, chickens, the landscape and wildlife, all keep me present in the beauty and detail of every moment.  My hope is that my art impacts others to appreciate the unique beauty and character of the natural world in a way that inspires curiosity, presence and connection.

Carol Delisi


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