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Let the Creative in you Bloom

"Creativity is yoga for the brain."

- Phyllis Korkki,

Productivity Author

Am I seeing more creativity, or just looking for it, during these unprecedented and uncertain times? With more time for introspection or, perhaps, boredom, are people motivated to be more creative?

Or is it as Gina Gibney, artistic director of a New York-based dance company, says, "In life we experience so much fragmentation of thought and feeling. For me, creating art brings things back together."

The book I've gleaned these quotes in this post from is called The Book of Beautiful Questions, by Warren Berger. This lovely book is just as it says - an entire book of beautiful questions to inspire critical thinking and connect with and lead others.

In the chapter on "sparking creativity", Mr. Berger tells of the Kelley brothers and their book called Creative Confidence. The first principle of creative confidence is that creativity matters to all of us.

Maybe right now more people are discovering their creative confidence, since confidence in anything else we thought was certain dissipates in conflicting information, depressing news and increasing division of people in our society. Maybe confidence in our own creativity is what we are left with, hoping our creations can "bring things back together" as Gina Gibney described.

Creative confidence in ourselves puts us back into control of the impact that we can have on our world, as we create and share our ideas and our vision.

My wish for all of us is that we may be creatively confident and share our unique talents and skills with others, and appreciate others' unique talents and skills. And together, we might bring things back together from our fragmented world.

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