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“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” ― Brene Brown

Horses' noses are soft and vulnerable, and are also a blind spot for them. Yet they lead with their noses as they walk, run and graze. How courageous is that?

I pondered vulnerability this weekend, after watching Brene Brown talk about the subject in her recent Netflix Special, Call to Courage, while I was in Lewistown for the opening of a gallery show with four of my paintings, as well as a two day watercolor class. Being vulnerable is about putting yourself "out there" without knowing what the outcome might be, and I realized that was exactly what I was doing all weekend.

I gave some thought to my own vulnerable "blind spot". What am I scared of? Criticism? Not feeling good enough? Not doing the right thing? What makes me feel vulnerable and want to protect myself?

The risk of putting myself "out there" was so worth it! Just as Brene states, "innovation, creativity and change" were the outcomes of my being vulnerable this weekend. I saw my art displayed with about 140 other works from accomplished artists, gained ideas and inspiration, techniques and tools from the watercolor workshop and made new friends who will continue to motivate me in my work.

Just like the horses who lead with their soft noses, I encourage you to be vulnerable, put yourself out there and get the reward of running free and enjoying lush pastures!

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