The Beauty in Asking Questions

February 9, 2020


"Without a good question, a good answer has no place to go."

 - Clayton Christensen, Harvard Professor

















This piece, which remains untitled, came about because of a question.  What would happen if I used a credit card, rather than a brush, on a special kind of watercolor paper called Yupo?


I had just taken an online class, which emphasized that as artists we are always solving problems.  In order to be good at solving problems, I believe you have to be good at asking a lot of questions.  Especially in artistic endeavors, I find myself asking a lot of "What if...?" questions.  What if I use a different brush?  What if I combine these two colors?  What if I add a third color?  How do I show the sparkle in an eye?  How do I use blue to make shadows in the snow? 


I know I have a lot more questions than answers.  And not just in my artwork.  I have a lot of questions about our world, our lives, how to live better, how to help others live better, and how to best solve the problems  - small and large - that are a part of living.  


I want to use the same positive and curious questions I use in my artwork in my daily life.  Rather than ask "Why me?" or "Why do I have to deal with this?" I can ask "What if...?" and find possibilities.  


This painting wouldn't have happened, just like a good answer, if I hadn't bothered to ask the question.  Let's ask more questions and give the good and beautiful answers an opportunity to show themselves.




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